Jim Rogers Says Invest in Commodities, Oil & Gas

Famed investor Jim Rogers told institutional investors at the International Oil & Gas Investor Forum over the weekend to consider commodities. He said commodities are in a bull market and oil and gas could be investors' best bet. Key advice from Rogers as reported by Resource Investor's Jon A. Nones:

On Commodities / Oil & Gas:

  • Rogers: "If you're good at buying stocks, do so, otherwise you're better off investing in commodities".
  • Unless someone discovers a substantial amount of oil soon the price is going to keep going up.
  • Aside from oil and gas Rogers added agricultural commodities (including sugar, wheat and soy) as investments to consider.
  • On China:

  • Rogers painted a picture of insatiable demand for commodities fueled by an enormous population, thriving economy and a will to succeed.
  • China has the best capitalist market in the world right now. Asians are willing to work as hard as they have to in order to become as prosperous as those in the West. And they work for far less than those in the West.
  • Most Chinese don't have electricity. They're going to get electricity. The power will have to come from energy sources like oil & gas.