Altair Nanotechnologies: Big Potential for a Small Stock

| About: Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI)
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Altair Nanotech (NASDAQ:ALTI) is one of those low priced stocks that the big boys don't want to play with yet because it's under $5.00.

The potential for the stock is huge however. Just recently:

November 14: Altair announces $7 million in Federal Funding for an eco-friendly battery and sensor program. The first project is with the U.S Navy to reduce dependence on diesel fuel. Currently, each ship must run two generators in parallel to ensure no loss of power should one go dow. ALTI's advanced lithium titanate battery could replace the back-up generator and save millions of gallons of fuel.

The second project can detect minute amounts of explosive materials and chemical warfare agents. The goal is to bring a hand held sensor to the military.

November 19: Phoenix Motorcars signs a letter of intent to produce cars in Mexico for shipment in Mexico, other regions of Latin America and India. Phoenix's advanced battery-electric, zero emission sports utility truck can travel at highway speeds carrying 5 passengers and a full payload. It's equipped with an Altair NanoSafe lithium titanate battery which can be re-charged in 10 minutes.

December 17: Altair announces that Dennis Berube has set the National Hot Rod Association world speed record for electric dragsters powered by an Altair Nano battery pack. He covered the 1/4 mile in 8.10 seconds at 153 MPH.

ALTI currently trades between $4 - $5. Don't be surprised to hear that a major car company has reached an agreement with ALTI to supply batteries for its Hybrid or completely electric car.

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