Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ a "Stunted Giant" among Global Rivals (MTU, C, BAC HBC, JPM, WFC)

Includes: BAC, C, HSBC, JPM, MTU
by: Steven Towns

The Wall Street Journal published an article on Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MTU) yesterday and along side it was a simple chart ranking the world's largest banks by market-cap. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ ranked 5th and based on it being the world's largest bank by size of assets, it was referred to as a "stunted giant" by the WSJ.

The following is the data as published by The Wall Street Journal (source: Dow Jones Indexes) with the bank name, followed by market-cap in billions of US$, and lastly with respective p/e ratios. All data is as of Jan. 13, 2006 except for p/e ratios which are as of market close Jan. 17th and were added by me, not originally a part of the WSJ chart.

1. Citigroup (C) $254.49; 10.99
2. Bank of America (BAC) $213.79; 10.91
3. HSBC (HBC) $191.60; n/a
4. JP Morgan Chase (JPM) $140.47; 19.08
5. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ* $133.02; n/a
6. UBS (NYSE:UBS) $113.66; 13.40
7. Wells Fargo (WFC) $105.77; 14.23
8. Royal Bank of Scotland Group $100.64; n/a
9. Banco Santander Central Hispano (STD) $85.27; 13.98
10. Wachovia (NASDAQ:WB); 13.15

* The p/e for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MTU) is 29.56 as of Wednesday's market close in Tokyo.

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