Quick Guide to Seeking Alpha for WSJ and Institutional Investor Readers

Welcome readers of the Wall Street Journal Sunday Edition and Institutional Investor!
Here's a quick summary of how to use Seeking Alpha:

What Is Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha, a network of finance blogs, filters and aggregates the best stock market-related content available and presents it in sectorized and tickerized format for easy access.

Blogs react faster to news than traditional media, and are often more opinionated -- making them critical sources of information for fund managers and savvy investors. The challenge is distilling the useful from the useless. That's our job.

Four Ways to Use Seeking Alpha

  1. View all the headlines from our 23 sites at SeekingAlpha.com.
  2. Find news or analysis on a particular stock by entering its ticker symbol in the search box on any Seeking Alpha site (top left of the page).
  3. Research a sector or topic by reading a particular site in the network. The most popular sites in the Seeking Alpha Network are ETF Investor (the most comprehensive analysis of ETFs and closed-end funds on the Web), The Internet Stock Blog, The Consumer Electronics Stock Blog and The China Stock Blog.
  4. Read conference call transcripts. You can view the alphabetical list of transcripts, check for the latest transcripts, or view an earnings calendar with upcoming transcripts.

Get Updates

If you use Yahoo Finance, you can be notified of every new article on the Seeking Alpha Network by clicking on this link and then "Add to My Yahoo".

If you only want analysis of one sector, you can go to that specific site in the Seeking Alpha Network (via "View All Sites" at top left of this page) and then click on the "+ My Y!" button on the top right of the sector site's page.

We'll soon offer a service to email Seeking Alpha articles on any sector to your Blackberry or PC. If you're interested (it will be free and we guarantee no-spam privacy for your email address), just send an email to ezra [at] seekingalpha.com and we'll let you know when it's available.

Contribute an Article to Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha welcomes content submissions from institutional and individual investors and industry experts; we'll publish material that meets our editorial standards. Here's more information about some of our most popular contributors and how to submit an article.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy Seeking Alpha!