Ford Motor on China, India Car Sales Growth (F)

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Ford Motor (ticker: F) reported Q4 2005 earnings results yesterday. Chairman and CEO Bill Ford and EVP & President of International Operations Mark Schulz had the following to say during management's earnings results conference call:

In India, we introduced our most important new product in many years and Ford sales in China, the fastest-growing market in the world, were up 46% last year.

Our quality continues to improve and we've gained share most importantly in growth markets like Russia, like Turkey, like China, like India, very important focused areas for Ford and our future.

In the Asia-Pacific region a couple of our target areas for growth; India, ASEAN in China has a market and we have new plants under construction. We have invested in engineering in the past that covers architectures and kind of a footprint in place that allows us to launch new products and applications. There is a little bit of a time lag on that but I think you will see a lot of new announcements of new products introduced this year. We have increased our sales in China by 46% versus last year and a lot of exciting plans and products coming.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)

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