BusinessWeek Highlights GTx (GTXI)

Includes: GTXI, JNJ

From Gene Marcial's column "Inside Wall Street" (sub req):

Tiny Biotech GTx (NASDAQ:GTXI) develops drugs mainly for prostate cancer. GTx' lead product, Acapodene, is in Phase 3 clinical trials for prevention of prostate cancer in men with precancerous lesions. Acapodene inhibits estrogen's harmful effects on patients treated for prostate problems -- after their testosterone production is interrupted. "We expect the trials will be successful," says Mark Basham of Standard & Poor's (MHP). He rates the stock, now at 9, a four-star buy (five stars is tops), with a 12-month target of 18. It's a high-risk stock, he warns, since it depends on the trials' outcome. But if Acapodene succeeds, the market for it could be $3 billion a year, Basham says. Acapodene's other use is to shrink tumors in men already suffering from prostate cancer. Another GTx drug, Andarine, counters weight loss in cancer patients. Its Phase 1 tests for safety are completed. Andarine is being developed together with Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE:JNJ) Ortho Biotech unit. CEO Mitchell Steiner is seeking a partner for Acapodene. J&J, he says, is a possibility for Europe and Asia, but GTx is also in talks with others. GTx, whose top officers control 60% of the stock, will handle the U.S. market. Steiner will seek approval for Acapodene in late 2007 and possibly market it in 2008.

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