Did Steve Jobs Steal The iPhone From This Potential $30 Stock?

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Neonode (NASDAQ:NEON), a Nasdaq company with a near-monopoly on several touchscreen technologies, developed a pre-iPhone three years before the Apple (AAPL) iPhone and has severely disrupted AAPL's patent case against Samsung. In fact, NEON might now be an acquisition candidate as a result. Additionally, their core business alone, is enough to catapult them to $30 per share.

1) Patents. Apple just shot itself in the foot and all the blood is going to go to Neon. AAPL is suing Samsung because Samsung is using Apple's patents on their swipe technology. Guess what? Samsung is saying "NO" because they are using NEON's patents, which were patented earlier.

I am always on the lookout for strong patent plays. VRNG, for instance, is going to crush Google in its patent for AdWords 4 years before Google started making money off of it. I documented that in this post.

And now I see that Apple wants 2.5% of Samsung's billions in revenues. Well, guess what? Now AAPL might have to pay that to NEON.

Samsung has been holding up NEON's patents as evidence that AAPL did not invent the "slide to unlock" feature.

Don't believe me. Here's the proof. AAPL patented slide-to-unlock in 2009. NEON patented this patent on December 23, 2005 and actually released a phone earlier that year (the first iPhone wasn't released until 2008) that included the swipe-to-unlock. A Dutch judge (where the patent battle is also being held) specifically said NEON had the "prior art" on this, so case closed. NEON first filed the patent in 2002 actually. Here's a WSJ article mentioning NEON's "victory" in the Apple vs Samsung case.

Here is what NEON's patent says: "an active application, function, service or setting is advanced one step by gliding the object along the touch sensitive area from left to right,"

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