Google in Consumer Electronics? CEO Eric Schmidt Comments (GOOG)

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From the Q&A session of Google's (GOOG) 4Q05 conference call held last night:

Q: Robert Peck, Bear Stearns

How should investors think about Google as a software and a hardware company? When we think about, particularly these transportable data centers, when we think about devices in the home, dub them Google Cubes or what have you, or even I believe the Linux system of Ubunto, how should we think about where Google’s going next and the opportunities in front of it?

A: Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

You mentioned Ubunto, which is a Linux brand -- we use it internally but we have no plans to distribute it outside of the company. There’s an awful lot of speculation about Google playing in those markets. The Google PC, those kinds of things. To me, most of those are people projecting the last one, not the next opportunity on us. And from my perspective, those are not very interesting business opportunities; they’re well covered in the market, we partner with many of the players and we would much prefer to deepen our partnership with them than to go into competition with them.

We are relentlessly focused on this new end-user experience, which is multi-platform and based on the internet and that’s where our future is. That’s where the growth is, that’s where the revenue and monetization is. And, as I mentioned earlier, it’s so large, it makes no sense to divert our resources to these other and somewhat smaller opportunities.

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