China Shenghuo to Bring Cosmetics Line to U.S.

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China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (KUN) will begin marketing its new 12Ways Skin Care products in the US during Q1 of 2008 on the Home Shopping TV Network. China Shenghuo introduced the cosmetics line in September 2007 in China.

Home Shopping Network will feature a kit of five of the thirty-four 12Ways products as a way of introducing the cosmetics line to the US. The 12Ways line is based on a traditional Chinese medicine called Sanchi. Sanchi, a root that resembles Ginseng, is grown only in a very few places in China in the Yunnan and Guangxi provinces.

Sanchi is also the main ingredient for Xuesaitong Soft Capsules, China Shenghuo’s chief product. Xuesaitong Soft Capsules is used to promote blood circulation and is indicated for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and peptic ulcer disease. It provided 80% of China Shenghuo’s revenues in 2006.

China Shenghuo owns the rights to thirty-one SFDA approved products. Xuesaitong Soft Capsules, which are listed in the state insurance catalog, are also exported to other Asian countries.

The shares of China Shenghuo have been very volatile since their June 2007 IPO. As we mentioned at the time, the size of the IPO – 400,000 shares – was very small. Priced at $3.50 initially, the shares zoomed to a high of $15 in September 2007. They have since given up most of their gains, and the stock is now trading at $5.26, a gain of 22 cents on the session. At this price, the company has a market capitalization of $103.5 million.

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