United Tackles the Superbowl (UAUA)

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The Stalwart submits: Think fast! You're in charge of a money-losing legacy carrier that's just out of bankruptcy. What do you do? Was your answer to spend big on Super Bowl advertising? From Flight International:

Starting Sunday, United is spending big in its bid to attract high-paying passengers, pouring dollars into the most expensive advertising arena of all, the Super Bowl of American football. These ads, which cost as much as $2.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime to reach about 130 million people, will run during the Sunday game, at about the most expensive time, just before the half-time break. In an event watched as closely for its marketing, sponsorships and advertising as for its kicks, passes and touchdowns, presentations from companies such as Ford or Budweiser have traditionally made as much news as the game itself.

United is going at it with puppets and animation, using them to revive a theme it has used for a decade: a parent’s business strip, from a child’s point of view. These ads include “Daddy the Dragon Slayer