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The Stalwart submits: Stalwart's preferred airline, JetBlue, suffered its first quarterly loss, last quarter, since 2000. It was pretty rough, as the high-flying airline was hit by competition, fuel, and the challenge of absorbing new plains. Here's David Field of Airline Business:

While growing pains, in particular the maturing of its workforce and fleet, its expansion and ambitious plans to integrate the Embraers, certainly combined to account for some of the red ink, stiffening competition from low-cost rivals, from Southwest to an aggressive AirTran, and rebounding legacy carriers such as US Airways and Delta’s Song unit, presents a continuing challenge.

The other fundamental problem: fuel. A slightly embarrassed chief executive David Neeleman said almost wistfully: “I wish we had Southwest’s hedging position, but we don’t..."

The public still loves JetBlue, but its revenue was, in the words of Merrill Lynch analyst Mike Linenberg, “a little light