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The Microcap Speculator submits: I received the following email from HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (ticker: HQSM.ob) CEO Norbert Sporns today, which he has given me permission to reprint here (this is a follow-up to yesterday's post):

Greetings from HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries Inc. I have answered your questions below. I have prepared these answers now that the Chairman's press release has clarified many of the outstanding concerns of investors and this information is properly made public to all, as I understand from our lawyers is required in the United States.

Of course this type of financing has costs associated with it that may seem high to some. Believe me we are working in the best interests of shareholders in structuring the best funding available. Our window on opportunity requires executing our plan as quickly as possible.

As a company with Chinese operations active on the Bulletin Board in the United States, we are subject to many factors which are not under our control. The investors in the announced financing have sent four representatives to China conducting a thorough due diligence on the company and attach a reward to their approach commensurate with market forces. One day China companies will not suffer serious discounting for their efforts. In the interim we are creating a unique niche for ourselves as the premium exporter of zero-toxin Tilapia and other products. We are working within the limits of the current business environment between these two great countries.

Those investors patient enough to understand this will certainly be rewarded for the groundbreaking efforts we are making.

Senior management is now coordinating in China with its senior staff in preparing for the coming year...as our office is being physically moved to Seattle. This is also the most important holiday period of the year for Chinese and a time for taking stock of one's blessings within family, friends, employees and supporters.

We thank you for your coverage of our company and the attention of your readers. We look forward to a prosperous lunar New Year and wish you and your staff and readers all the best.

Best Regards,
Norbert Sporns, CEO

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