Tools for Targeting an Online Ad Market

by: Compete

Formula. Diapers. Clothing. Nursery Items. Car Seats. Strollers.

When I think of a high value market segments, one that comes to mind is young and expecting mothers. Making new purchase decisions on these items and more, young and expecting mothers are the target consumers of many baby product companies. If I were an online brand marketer for Johnson and Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) (makers of the always popular Johnson’s Baby Shampoo), I would be interested in knowing where I can advertise to most effectively reach this target group.

The current industry standard approach is a contextual ad campaign. A typical contextual ad campaign matches site content with target group interests. Under this approach, known sites with baby- or mom-focused content would be the appropriate ad placement location. Examples of these locations could be or Unfortunately, this is speculative and offers a limited scope. After all, young and expecting mothers don’t spend ALL of their online time at these very segmented sites. Behavior Match is Compete’s new approach to this challenge of matching target consumers with effective online media buys among all sites they visit. Using Compete’s Behavior Match product suite, we can drill down to online properties that have a greater than average saturation of young and expecting mothers, not just the contextually relevant sites.

A Behavior Match Buyer report highlights all websites that are visited by young and expecting mothers, indexed against the chance of finding this behavioral segment on the average site across the internet. To run this report, Compete has identified 1,000,000 online consumers in the month of January, 2008 as young and expecting mothers.

*Read as “In the month of January, 809,835 young and expecting mothers visited the Yahoo! Domain. Yahoo! Scores a 98, indexed against the average composition of young and expecting mothers, or just under the internet average (100).”

Top 10 Domain Findings:

  • The largest internet properties have the highest reach among young and expecting mothers.
  • These domains index very close to average; this is oftentimes true because of their sheer size. i.e. Who doesn’t use Yahoo!?
  • Among this list, is the best advertising opportunity for Johnson and Johnson to reach young and expecting mothers ( does not accept advertising).

The focus of this report is the torso sites on the internet (50,000 to 500,000 monthly unique visitors) that have a high concentration of young and expecting mothers.

*Read as “In the month of January, 31,000 young and expecting mothers visited Kidprintables scores a 8,895, indexed against the average composition of young and expecting mothers.”

Torso Domain Findings:

  • While these internet properties have lower scope, on a per impression basis they much more effectively reach the target segment.
  • A campaign focused across many torso domains has the same reach opportunity as a larger internet property.
  • A trend among these sites is that they are focused on work from home / internet jobs.

Compete offers another product in the Behavior Match product suite focused on large site segmentation. Behavior Match In-Site segments the larger internet properties to take advantage of their large scope while still effectively targeting young and expecting mothers.

This table takes a comparative look at the performance of top subdomains on and during the month of January 2008 at reaching young and expecting mothers.

In-Site Findings ( and

  • On a per impression basis, many MSN channels more effectively reach young and expecting mothers than similar Yahoo! channels.
  • Top performing channels for Johnson and Johnson to focus on with their ad campaign include Real Estate, Health, and TV.
  • Channels that less effectively reach the young and expecting mother segment are Help, Astrology, and Autos.


  • Contextual placement alone is outdated. Similar properties across two top portals don’t even show the same reach among the target segment.
  • Targeted advertising space doesn’t have to be expensive. Matching highly effective advertising opportunities from Behavior Match with those offering low CPM saves $$!
  • Bargaining with top portals is possible. Fight for the placement on the health channel.
  • This product is EASY. No more wrapping your head around fancy targeting schema.