JPMorgan: Is The House Of Dimon A House Of Cards?

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By John J. Critchley, Jr.

The avalanche of bad news keeps coming for JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM). Today, Bloomberg, in an extensive report, reports that the vaunted CEO apparently did not apply the same sort of risk oversight on the CIO department than he did to other parts of his banking fiefdom. (here)

The once golden boy of investment banking has taken a few body blows with these and other recent revelations concerning the massive losses incurred by Bruno Iksil, a trader in JPM's London office. Tomorrow, Dimon is scheduled to testify in Washington in front of a Senate committee. Will he survive? What will become of one of the too-big-to-fail banking behemoths?

A Bearish Options Play

Do you believe there are more shoes to drop and the fallout from the London Whale's losses will only escalate? The banking giant is still only down -0.92% year to date even with all the recent bearish news that has come to light over this disastrous failure in risk management. The stock has rallied over 18.7% off its recent low of $27.85 hit in the immediate aftermath of the trading losses revelations. Are you in the camp that believes that there will be a retracement and breach of these lows in the next six weeks?

If yes, let's look at a bearish options play:

The 30-day implied volatility (July options) appears to be quite reasonable at the 39% level considering all the news swirling around JPM and the upcoming earnings event in mid July. These options are trading significantly lower than 52 week 30 day IV highs of 70% reached September of this past year and present some enticing short term option value.

Source: Livevol(NYSE:R) Pro (

Trade Idea

To take advantage of abnormally elevated downside implied volatility skew and to benefit from any further downward pressure in JPM stock in the next couple of weeks and before earnings in July.

Source: Livevol(R) Pro (

The Play

a) Buy July '12 33-28 put spread for $ 1.46. Receiving about 9.6% in implied volatility skew ( buying 39.2 IV vs. selling 48.8 IV).

Net debit: $1.46.

Risk: The underlying closes over $33 on July expiration and you lose the entire premium/debit paid.


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