The Humpty Dumpty Economy

by: Barry Ritholtz

Nice mention in Barron's this weekend, from our Thursday commentary, Household Equity at all time lows. It's in Alan Abelson's Up & Down Wall Street column.

Here is the excerpt via Barron's:

"The wrenching changes being wrought by a falling Humpty Dumpty economy, largely created by credit, and a swooning stock market, kited by leverage, are everywhere evident. Housing foreclosures swirled up to an all-time high of 0.83% of all mortgages nationwide. Over 5.8% of homeowners were behind in their mortgage payments, the largest number in upwards of two decades. House prices lost a staggering 8.9% in 2007 as a whole (and they're still tumbling).

Yet, despite the ubiquitous plunge in prices, the supply of unsold houses rose to four million, or to over 10 months' worth. Homeowners' equity fell below 50% for the first time since 1945, hitting a new low of 47.9%. As Barry Ritholtz nicely put it, never before have banks and the other various and sundry lenders owned more of the average American's house than he or she does.

Speaking of lenders, thrifts and savings outfits lost a cool $5.24 billion in the final quarter of '07, as they diligently wrote down tons of goodwill (perhaps it should more properly be called ill will).

In January, to continue this lugubrious litany of the damage done in the Humpty Dumpty economy and the ravages wrought by the bear market, the equity portfolios of the largest U.S pension plans, according to the calculations of Mercer, which keeps tabs on such things, shrunk by $110 billion. Not exactly chump change, even when it's other peoples' money.

We've long been a fan of Abelson's unvarnished views and delightful prose. It's always a privilege when our thoughts find their way into his columns...

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Barron's MARCH 10, 2008