Bio Pharma Movers For Today And Next Week

by: StockMatusow

As the market trends much higher today, I have been watching some stocks for next week. One stock that I just grabbed a few shares of, Obagi Medical Products (NASDAQ:OMPI), 14.65, still has some rather strong buyout rumors associated with it. Volume and price movement has been picking up steam today, so something may indeed be brewing here.

I remarked in a prior article that a poison pill was voted down by shareholders by over a 2 to 1 margin at the recent annual shareholders meeting.

As well, Voce Capital Management, a major shareholder of Obagi, publicly revealed its opposition to the poison pill implemented by the Board of Directors of Obagi. Sources continue to say that an $18-$20 "all cash" buyout of the firm may finally be close to being announced.

People who I have been talking to about Obagi now tell me that Voce has stopped answering any questions concerning Obagi, suddenly becoming 'quiet.'

I think this one is worth the gamble, so again, I have bought a few shares and I am playing it to see what happens come this Monday.

Also on the heels of Arena's (NASDAQ:ARNA) Belviq gaining recent FDA approval, Orexigen Therapeutics (NASDAQ:OREX) has been having a nice run, but currently trading flat at $5.95. Orexigen, like Arena and Vivus (NASDAQ:VVUS), focuses on the development of pharmaceutical product candidates for the treatment of obesity. While the current focus is on both Arena Pharma and Vivus with their respective weight loss drugs, Orexigen's lead weight loss drug candidate Contrave, has become lost a bit in the shuffle.

The buzz on Contrave possibly being approved by the FDA on its second attempt is certainly heating up. How high can the Orexigen stock price climb? Possibly a considerable amount more next week, so this is one stock to keep an eye on.

Vivus, $28.51, has been trading flat today, after its stock has also been on a very bullish run lately. Vivus's weight loss drug, Qnexa faces an FDA approval decision on The FDA by July 17, 2012. Shares of the company have gained over 15% in the last month-- can they gain more next week?

Qnexa seems to be more effective than Belviq, but safety concerns might be more an issue for the drug. I think it will be approved-barely.

Shares of Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN), $14.34, have been trading between $5.99 and $15.02 during the past 52 weeks, so it has had quite a nice run, and is poised to continue that run, as the company draws closer to an FDA approval decision its prescription fish-oil pill AMR101, on July 26th, 2012, which I believe the FDA will approve.

AMR101 is an investigational ultra-pure omega-3 fatty acid in a capsule, comprising not less than 96% icosapent ethyl (ethyl-EPA) in a capsule. Amarin is developing AMR101 for the potential treatment of patients with very high triglyceride levels and high triglyceride levels, or hypertriglyceridemia. Triglycerides are fats in the blood. Amarin's cardiovascular strategy leverages our extensive knowledge and experience in lipid science and the potential therapeutic benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids in cardiovascular disease.

The chart also looks very bullish on Amarin, as I remarked in a prior article. In my opinion, we can expect a lot of volatility up to July 26th, with waves of upwards movement in stock price to a level the chart seems to indicate should be around $16 to $18, possibly higher up until July 26th.

Ampio Pharma (NYSEMKT:AMPE) is on a tear today, trading at $5.22 Up $1.28 (32.49%).

Ampio engages in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical drugs and diagnostic products to identify, treat, and prevent metabolic disorders, eye diseases, kidney diseases, acute and chronic inflammation diseases, and male sexual dysfunction.

Ampio has been quietly moving up from its low of $2.54 since mid May this year and today, is in the midst of an apparent break-out. Ampio has 3 potential blockbuster drugs that seems to be attracting some serious attention today. The big move up today might be associated with the company's numerous clinical trials, and potential talks with big pharma partners.

Obviously, something big is happening with Ampio, so this one is a must watch for the rest of today, and for next week as well!

Disclosure: I am long OMPI.

Additional disclosure: DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for informational and entertainment use only and should not be construed as professional investment advice, but rather my opinions as a writer only. Always do you own complete due diligence before buying and selling any stock.