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Speculation had it that Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH) - maker of the Celsius calorie-burning, pre-workout beverage - would look to reignite its image and marketing campaign when the company landed 5WPR to conduct its public relations moving forward. Little was heard from either entity since the 5WPR announcement, but Celsius did provide evidence that its revenue flow had stabilized - although not grown much - over the past few quarters, giving investors more of an indication that the volatile and unpredictable sales reports of old might be in the rear view mirror.

Although investors suspected that 5WPR was devising a plan during the months of silence from the company, volume continued to indicate that CELH was still trading under-the-radar and underexposed in preparation for another potential launch into the mainstream.

Early last week, the first phases of the new PR plan came to light when it was announced that Fitness Icon Tony Little would assume the role of 'Fitness Ambassador' for Celsius.

While Little, who also was revealed as a stakeholder in the company, may not be a widely-known entity on Main Street America, he holds an established legacy in the niche where Celsius looks to have gained a foothold - the health and fitness, workout companion market.

Little is an inductee into the 'Fitness Hall Of Fame', has a long-standing reputation in the health and fitness industry and - with a significant presence in the marketing and advertising of numerous health and wellness products - has sold millions of dollars of products for numerous companies while amassing himself a small fortune. He also has a loyal international following, which may be one of the more significant take-aways from the Little hiring, as Celsius has reported a consistently increasing presence in the international market.

Although CELH trading volume picked up slightly after the Little announcement last week, with shares trading at roughly double the daily norm for the two days following the PR, the numbers leveled off to close the week and volume remains light, although still within the established norms of the year, thus far. While trading is light, shares have settled in with a few forty-cent closes, a decent double from where shares were trading earlier in the year, but the majority of intra-day trading still takes place at below that level.

At this point, the company has given signs that it can succeed in the niche pre-workout market. Investors may now be looking to see if the product can grow beyond that niche - hence bringing in Tony Little to give a little exposure boost from someone who is very relevant to that niche.

Being a small player in the field right now, it would not take much to move Celsius in the right direction, both in terms of product sales and trading volume increases. The foundation is in place with which the company, and its newly-appointed 'Ambassador', can mount a turnaround attempt and the "Do-Time" may be now.

The break of silence from the company and the new PR people could be a sign that the new plan is ready for take off, and any increased interest or exposure might make things interesting, or at least worth watching.

In commenting about the new PR deal, Little noted,

I love the idea that Celsius is a drink that burns calories while providing you with healthy energy. I drink Celsius before my workouts and can truly feel the benefits.

Having experimented with multiple new product offerings over the past few years, Celsius has built a solid base of options that include seven beverage flavors, some carbonated, some not, and powder packets that can be mixed with water. In addition to the the 'powder sticks', Celsius also offers a 30-serving canister, with a look and feel like the old-school 'Tang', but a whole lot healthier.

An unsuccessful launch into the mainstream a couple of years ago could quickly be forgotten with a couple of building quarters from this point on. The Tony Little addition is at least very relevant to the product, unlike Mario Lopez from a few years back who catered mainly to the cougars of today; the ones that were glued to 'Saved by the Bell' and 'One to Grown On' of yesteryear.

The trend continues to be shifting towards healthier beverage choices, and being functional, Celsius still has an opportunity to make in-roads into a market dominated by sugary and more unnatural alternatives.

With another quarterly report being prepared to hit the street pretty soon, here's a happy recap of the company's postings over the past couple of years:

Celsius Holdings Recent Sales Numbers:

  • Q1 2012 - $2.5 (million)

  • Q4 2011 - $1.8

  • Q3 2011 - $2.5

  • Q2 2011 - $2.0

  • Q1 2011 - $2.2

  • Q4 2010 ~ $135,000

  • Q3 2010 - $1.8

  • Q2 2010 - $4.1

  • Q1 2010 - $2.3

  • Q4 2009 - $2.4

  • Q3 2009 - $1.3

  • Q2 2009 - $1.2

  • Q1 2009 ~ $1.0

Time to keep an eye on CELH again, as the PR machine may be picking up - and it would not take drastic increases in sales or trading volume to move this stock.

Worth watching.

Disclosure: Long CELH.

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