Bear Stearns: Video iPod Likely From Apple's Upcoming 'Teaser' Event (AAPL)

| About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)
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Apple sent this 'teaser' invitation [] to the media to attend an event this Tuesday where the company will announce 'fun new products'.

Bear Stearns analysts Andrew Neff, William Hand and Ted Chung sent a note to clients outlining their predictions of what could be announced at that time:

AAPL new product: video iPod likely -- but could be tablet-size or HDTV-based. As speculation begins to build around what AAPL could announce on February 28, we think -- focusing on the adjectives "fun" and "new" -- the most likely products are either a tablet-size iPod or larger HDTV-based iPod -- both of which we discussed in our report "iPod Vectors" (January 25, 2006). While more Intel-based products (new iBook or iMacs) or a phone are possible, neither strikes us as "fun" or "new." Or it could be one more thing...

● Other high probability – other iPod varieties (e.g., boombox, wireless iPod)

● Medium probability – Intel-based Mac mini with a DVR capability to be used as a media center; Intel-based iBook

● Low probability – Power Macs replacement based on Intel, cellphone.

Stock impact: positive for AAPL (new products could exceed expectations).