FuelCell Energy and Capstone Achieve Record in Electrical Efficiency (FCEL, CPST)

Includes: CPST, FCEL
by: Mark Anderson

Fuelcell Energy Inc (ticker: FCEL) and Capstone Turbine Corp (ticker: CPTC) announced that their patented Direct FuelCell/Turbine® (DFC/T®) achieved a record-setting performance -- establishing a mark of 56 percent electrical efficiency in the sub-megawatt (sub-MW) class for 800 continuous hours during initial testing.

This significantly exceeds the electrical efficiency of other distributed generation technologies of similar size. For example, gas engines have an electrical efficiency of 30 to 42 percent, low temperature fuel cells have an electrical efficiency of 30 to 35 percent and microturbines have an electrical efficiency of 25 to 30 percent. [more]

I always love when these small companies get together and build something that is better than their indvidual efforts alone. The system they have built takes the excess heat that is generated by the fuel cell and powers a modified Capstone microturbine.