Commentary on News Corp., CBS, MTV's New Mobile Strategies (NWS, CBS, VIAB, S)

Includes: CBS, NWS, S, VIA
by: Evelyn Rubin

Yesterday was quite a day for new mobile content products as News Corp., CBS, and MTV each announced new mobile strategies.

The New York Times reported that News Corp. launched Mobizzo, a portal that carries the typical offerings from ringtones to games, with a focus on Fox content. Despite the NYT's applause for the portal, Techdirt is not impressed:

All News Corp. has done is throw its hat into what's a quickly imploding market, and to suggest that this is somehow a big deal, or represents some great understanding of the mobile space, is laughable. If any plaudits are deserved, they should go to the News Corp. PR team for once again getting the company's late-arriving me-too efforts portrayed as revolutionary.


Beginning next week, CBS will offer a subscription-based service including video and picture alerts over mobile. The service will include content from CBS News and "Entertainment Tonight". Cynthia Brumfield from IP Democracy comments on the news from a separate piece in the NYT:

Buried deep in the piece, however, is news that CBS is planning a full-fledged network for mobile phones. Citing Cyriac Roeding, the vice president of wireless of CBS Digital Siklos writes that “CBS [is] also developing a TV network for next-generation phones that would allow full streaming of live television.