The Mobile TV Party Continues (MSFT, NOK)

Includes: MSFT, NOK
by: SA Editors

With Microsoft joining the DVB-H party this week, questions around the what, when, and how much of mobile TV penetration continue to swirl. Nokia, unsurprisingly, as a founding member of the DVB-H forum expects mobile TV to reach the mass market by 2008. Derek Kerton from Techdirt Wireless takes Nokia's projections with a grain of salt: "Nokia cites dozens of studies in which consumers were willing to pay between 5 and 10 euros per these studies, consumers are usually asked if they would pay for it, they are not asked to pay for it. It is a subtle difference."

Kerton quotes an RBC study reported in the WSJ Online which concludes that US mobile subscribers are motivated overwhelmingly by price over services:

More than three-quarters of the people surveyed said they aren't interested in watching TV programs or movies on a portable device, and 69% said they don't see themselves listening to music on their cellphones.

The RBC survey result echoes that of an online survey last year by Forrester Research Inc. Among more than 5,000 adults surveyed, only 1% said a digital-music player was a must-have feature for cellphones. More desirable, they said, would be longer battery life, a built-in camera and high-speed data access.