Tuesday Pre-market US: Key News & Data

by: Between the Hedges

From Between the Hedges:

Late-Night Headlines

- US law enforcement actions that are hobbling North Korea’s financial system may be as important as diplomacy in persuading the country to give up its nuclear weapons program.
- Crude oil traded near a three-day low in NY as ministers from OPEC signaled they intend to keep production close to the highest in more than 20 years and fear over production disruptions subsided.

Wall Street Journal:
- Venture-capital investments in US energy-technology companies increased last year because of greater demand for more reliable and affordable alternatives to fossil fuels, citing a survey.

Financial Times:
- Kuwait has made a large oil and gas find that, if confirmed, could make it a significant gas producer for the first time, citing energy minister Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahd al-Sabah.
- The NYMEX, which started its pit-trading floor for energy futures in London six months ago, plans to close the floor and move over to electronic trade.

ABC News:
- Iranian-made bombs are being brought across the border into Iraq and put into the hands of insurgents fighting coalition forces.

- The US economy has “a great deal of momentum