Feature Your Book on Seeking Alpha

by: SA Editors

Seeking Alpha offers a unique opportunity for authors and publishers to share their books with our readers.

We publish excerpts from finance and stock market related books, usually over weekends. Excerpts are chosen by authors and publishers and submitted to us, for consideration by our editors. The decision to publish will be based on quality and estimated interest for our audience. New books are particularly interesting, but we'll publish excerpts from older books and classics as well.

Each excerpt contains a large image of the book cover, information about the author, and links for our readers to purchase the book. See, for example, excerpts from The Dick Davis Dividend and Active Value Investing.

We're happy to publish multiple excerpts over consecutive weekends, which can offer particularly powerful promotion of your book.

To promote your book on Seeking Alpha, authors and publishers should please send us the following:

  1. Bookcover: The image should be clean, with no superimposed text or images (such as "See Inside This Book!"), and should be sent as an image file.
  2. Link to Purchase Book: The link can be to any online store where the book is purchasable. However, we strongly suggest a link to Amazon, as that tends to lead to the highest volume of purchases. Authors may provide links via their own Amazon affiliate ID.
  3. Photo of Author: The photo should be 140 by 140 pixels, preferably high-resolution.
  4. Short Bio: The bio of the author should be no more than 200 words. Please word-count it to ensure it does not exceed this limit.
  5. Link to Blog or Website: If the author has a blog or website, please send us a link to this page.
  6. Excerpts: The author should select at least five excerpts from the book. Excerpts should make good stand alone reading, and should not exceed 1,500 words. The author should suggest titles for the excerpts (which will probably be different from the chapter title). Please send the excerpts as a Word document or text file, not as a PDF.
  7. Contact information: Please send full contact information for the author, including email address and phone number.

Please email all the above items to BookAuthors@seekingalpha.com.