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by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

Diesel Jeans Selling Better Than Last Month at 57% of Urban Outfitter (NASDAQ:URBN) Stores

TickerMine asked 30 Urban Outfitters stores about denim sales and learned that sales of Diesel brand jeans are better than last month for 57% of respondents. Seventeen percent reported that sales are not as strong as last month, and 20 percent said sales are about the same. Seventy-seven percent of stores said no Diesel styles are on backorder right now. Seventeen percent reported that the Zathan is on backorder; Bootcut and Safado styles are also on backorder at 3% of stores. Other popular brands of denim at Urban Outfitters include Levi's (27%), BDG (17%), and LUX (13%).

Pacific Sunwear California (NASDAQ:PSUN) Reports Average Sales Receipt Over $50

Nearly 54% of Pacific Sunwear locations report that their average sale is over $50, with 12% reporting an average over $100. The casual apparel specialty store cited its best-selling items as Bullhead Jeans (30% of mentions), Tilt Jeans (26%) and Nike sneakers (26%). Just 9% of respondents said their best-selling item is on back-order.

T-Shirts Still The Best-Selling Item At Hot Topic (NASDAQ:HOTT)

Tickermine surveyed Hot Topic and Torrid store employees around the country to ask how busy they were and what was their hottest selling item. Between apparel, accessories or gift items, apparel was rated as their highest seller at thirty-one (89%) stores. Three stores (9%) said that they sold mostly accessories and one store (3%) said the same of gift items. T-shirts were their best selling item at eleven (31%) stores. Tank tops and skirts were the best sellers at eight (22%) stores and swimwear (6%) at two stores. The best selling items were on backorder at nine of the thirty-five (26%) stores. Business was rated as average at fifteen (43%) stores. Another fifteen stores (43%) reported that they were busy or very busy. Business was rated as "dead" or "slow" at five stores (14%). These figures are comparable to those released last month by Tickermine.

Sales of Lucky Brand (LIZ) Jeans Strong; Relatively Few Clearance Sales of Stock

Tickermine recently polled department stores nationwide which carry the Lucky Brand merchandise. Stores were positive about the brands' outlook, with 96% indicating that sales were the same or better than last year (44% indicated an increase, 52% indicated that they were the same.) A clear majority of respondents (68%) also indicated that Lucky merchandise is not being put on clearance. Nearly all employees questioned (94%) replied that they had a positive impression of the brand, and 77% indicated that they sold Lucky Brand accessories in addition to denim.

T-shirts Top List of Popular Items for American Rag (RAGS)

TickerMine polled department stores nationwide about American Rag clothing, and discovered that t-shirts are by far the most popular item in the line (41%), followed by jeans (28%). Ninety-three percent of stores polled have enough of these items in stock; all stores said they can get more should they run out. Just over half (55%) of stores polled said they expect a new line soon from American Rag. Asked if worries about the economy had affected sales of American Rag, fifty-five percent of respondents said no

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