Hansen Natural: Sugar + Caffeine = Stock of the Decade (HANS)

| About: Monster Beverage (MNST)
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Eddy Elfenbein submits: If there’s a leading candidate for "Stock of the Decade," it’s probably little Hansen Natural (HANS). The company is known for its Monster Energy drink, which is essentially a mixture of sugar and caffeine. I’m told that people actually drink this. I’m guessing it’s the perfect beverage to keep you wired to play video games all night.

Personally, I don’t judge the products. I’m just interested in making money. And Hansen makes gobs of it. Three years ago, you could have picked up the shares for about $2 a piece. Since then, the stock has exploded.

Today the stock nearly hit $110 a share as the company reported another quarter of astounding growth. This is still a pretty tiny company, but let’s look at these numbers. Sales grew 83.9% to $133.6 million! Whoa.

At the bottom line, Hansen made 75 cents a share, which more than doubled last year’s fourth quarter net of 31 cents a share. Since the stock is still largely uncoverd, we really can’t say that there’s a “Street consensus.