Raw Data Report: Auto/Mechanics

Includes: AAP, F, ORLY, PBY-OLD
by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

79% of O'Reilly Automotive (NASDAQ:ORLY) Stores Say Economy Not Affecting Sales

TickerMine polled O'Reilly Automotive stores nationwide and found that a number of specials are going on this week: 24% of stores are offering special pricing on STP gas treatments, 21% have marked down batteries, and 17% are offering special promotions for shocks. Thirty-eight percent of stores polled said they were busier than usual due to these specials. When asked what products or services were selling well this week, 24% of respondents said batteries are popular. Twenty-one percent named oil changes, and 17% cited motor oil. Seventy-nine percent of stores polled said business doesn't seem to be down in reaction to concerns about the economy.

The F-150 and Focus Sell Best at Ford (NYSE:F) Dealerships, Survey Says

With auto industry experts arguing that weak auto brands should go, Tickermine polled the Ford Motor Company this week. Twenty nine Ford dealerships around the country were consulted about which models were selling best, whether any truck deals were being offered and whether specials on free satellite radio were being offered too. The most popular models were the F-150 and the Focus. Each were cited 9 times or by 31% of those polled. The Edge and the Explorer were each cited 3 times or by 10% of respondents and the following were each mentioned once or by 3% of respondents: Aspire, Escape, Flex, Fusion and Taurus. Eighteen respondents or 62% offered no deals on trucks due to gas prices but 11 or 38% said they did. Fifteen or 52% reported having no specials on free satellite radio while 14 or 48% did, the survey said.

Pep Boys (NYSE:PBY-OLD) Auto Store Workers Say Specials Don't Help Business, Survey Says

Pep Boys Auto, the auto part and services retailer was surveyed by Tickermine this month. Our surveyors asked about current store specials, whether these accelerated business, what product or service was selling well that week and whether a sluggish economy impacted business at all. Twenty eight stores were polled. Eighteen respondents or 64% of those polled were offering the "Buy 3 tires get the 4th free" deal that week. Three respondents offered brake specials and another three had deals on motor oil (11% each). Two respondents or 7% offered specials on filters and one (4%) offered specials on tools. We found it interesting that most people, 15 or 54% thought that these sales and discounts did not accelerate business and 13 or 46% felt it did. Most store respondents, 15 or 54% said tires were selling best that week. Six or 21% said oil change, 3 or 11% reported brakes and one person or 4% each cited the following: Batteries, tools, wiper blades and repairs. Interestingly 20 respondents or 71% felt the economy had no bearing on their store's business. Only 8 people or 29% did.

Business Slower for Advance Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP) Stores, Survey Says

Tickermine conducted a new survey on Advance Auto Parts Inc., the US motoring parts retailer and saw considerable changes from our earlier results. This month 31 locations were consulted nationally. Our researchers found that business was up for only 3 of our respondents, or 10% and most cited that the nasty end-of-spring weather was creating more breakdowns and therefore more business. (The earlier survey stated 49% found an increased business.) In this survey 13 or 42% said that business was the same (compared with 40% earlier) and 15 respondents or 48% weren't sure either way. Our respondents stated that both parts and services sold best (17 or 55%). Parts only were cited by 14 people or 45%. Our respondents said that parts sold best at their stores (18 people or 58%). The parts cited included alternators, hoses, belts and breaks. Six people stated that maintenance items such as anti-freeze, oil, lubricants and wiper blades were their best sellers (19%). Four stated accessories such as wheel covers, canopies and fashion items for their cars (4%) and 3 people stated tires (10%). We asked also which specific parts sold best and found that oil changes and tune ups were first (9 mentions or 30%), followed by batteries (8 mentions or 26%), brakes and then pumps (3 mentions each or 9%). The following were each mentioned twice or 6% of those polled: Alternators and tire change/repair. And belts, brake repair and transmission were each cited once or by 3%