GigaBeam Corp -- Communicating the Wrong Message? (CRNT, GGBM, HRS, STXN, TRBM)

Includes: CRNT, STXN, TRBM
by: 10Q Detective

GigaBeam Corp. (GGBM) was one of the first entrants into the emerging market for wireless point-to-point communications equipment designed to operate in the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz radio spectrum bands, which were authorized by the FCC, in October 2003, for commercial use.

GigaBeam’s proprietary technology, utilizes these large blocks of authorized contiguous spectrum, enabling multi-Gigabit-per-second communications through use of Gigabit Ethernet and other standard protocols. The current speed achieved by GigaBeam’s wireless fiber (WiFiber) product lines is one Gigabit-per-second—equivalent to 647 T1 lines or 1,000 DSL connections.

GigaBeam’s WiFiber technology is similar to terrestrial fiber in terms of speed and reliability for deployment in Metropolitan Area Networks (MANS). However, WiFiber has a substantial advantage over terrestrial fiber for the “entire last mile,