Is There Profit In Tree Hugging?

Includes: GEX, GRN, GWO, PBW
by: Compete

Remember when calling someone a “tree hugger” was supposed to be an insult? Now with global warming becoming a prominent issue, it seems to be worn like a badge of honor and I’m sure there are people who would hug a lot worse than trees to get a traffic trend like has.

The one-stop-shopping site for everything green has seen substantial growth over the past two years. Unique visitors in April of this year are up 281% over the same month last year and are more than 8 times bigger than April 2006.

The depth of the site has also led to increased engagement – just under 7 page views per visit. Treehugger is an impressive example of the new environmentally conscious wave and it’s indicative of an overall trend.

We took a look back at our ’07 resolution to see how far the environmental category as a whole (ranging from the old school - and, to the newer wave - and, and more) has done since then. After moderate growth from April ’06 to ’07 (14%), unique visitor traffic growth accelerated over the past year, growing 33% since last April.

From the perspective of the sites and the state of the environment, this graph shows that the trend is going in the right direction and as the general public becomes more aware of the issues it will only increase. Someday maybe we’ll all be tree huggers.