Pay Per Click Ads Help This Houston Promoter Run 2 Simultaneous Scams - Part 1: CHMR

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Note: The accuracy of this article has been disputed.

After learning about the world of OTCBB scams and issuing our first piece of research on Quest Water Global (OTCPK:QWTR) we thought we had experienced one of the nastiest manifestations of micro-cap fraud. Here we had a company that was clearly setup to sell shares to US investors at inflated prices by undisclosed persons residing offshore. Worst, the story being sold to naïve investors was one of a humanitarian mission that would help produce water from air to the impoverished in Angola.

Then we encountered Chimera Energy Corp. (OTC:CHMR) and Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN.OB) two interrelated scams that combined have less than $130,000 in cash, no physical office space, and negative shareholder equity that have been manipulated to a combined market valuation nearing $200,000,000 by an unnamed Houston based stock promoter.

Unfortunately the facilitator of these stock scams and many others like it is one of our country's most innovative and respected companies: Google (GOOG) - through their online advertising system AdWords. Without Google, scams like CHMR and NVMN would never find their way to the portfolios of naive investors. Google is the trusted bridge investors cross when searching for keywords that are relevant to their investment goals. Keywords such as: "Safe investments", "Online Trading", and "Fixed Investments". Only on the other side of this bridge are stock promoters who pay more than TD Ameritrade or E*TRADE for the right to place their ads on top of Google's search results. Inexperienced investors click these ads and eventually a few take the bait purchasing shares directly from promoters for $1, $2, and even $3 a share having no idea that the shares being sold to them were purchased for less than half a penny and that the company underlying these shares has no inherent value.

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