3 Small-Cap Quick Hits

by: Microcap Speculator

Worth reading:

Key quote: “Investors should note that the Company held commodities inventory at the end of the second quarter that was valued on the balance sheet at $16 million less than its fair market value.”

  • HRT: Basic Chart for ARRHYTHMIA RES TECH - I haven’t traded Arrythmia Research (HRT) for a while, but I like the tightening coil.   If it breaks upward, I will be a buyer.
  • Synchronoss falls on 3G iPhone setback - Synchronoss (NASDAQ:SNCR) shares drop to around $11 on news that it will not participate in 3Q iPhone rollout. The company has a lot of cash, but will probably see declining revenues and profits. Value trap in my opinion.

Update on gold: Gold sure took a beating recently.  I continue to be long a bevy of gold mining stocks and intend to stay long unless recent support breaks.  This chart from Dan Norcini (note: PDF) courtesy of www.jsmineset.com, shows the levels I am watching.

While I am a bit less bullish than I was on Friday, its way too early to bail on the call.  Oil is at or near record levels, agricultural commodities are booming, and the dollar is making only a feeble rally despite the verbal intervention of central bankers and politicians worldwide.  The yellow dog should regain footing soon.  If not, I’m out.

DISCLOSURE: Long positions in many gold stocks.  No positions in IAAC, HRT, SNCR.