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Spice Up Your Salsa By Adding Some Intelligent REITs To Your Portfolio

Aug. 16, 2012 6:35 AM ETESS, FRT, NNN, O, SKT, UBA, UHT36 Comments

Yesterday I wrote an article, Build a Fortress Portfolio like an Intelligent REIT Investor, and in that article I explained the value of diversification and the argument that real estate should be a core asset class; based on returns, REITs have generated the highest returns over the last 40 years.

As Craig Israelsen, a personal and family finance Professor at Brigham Young University, explained (in article above),

Presumably, the assumption is that U.S. large cap equities are the bedrock asset class. That's not a ridiculous assumption, but it is an assumption. Somehow, other types of asset classes are presently labeled alternative. Traditionally, REITs have been put in that group.

REITs have been around long enough and generated solid enough returns that I don't view REITs as an alternative class. I view them as a core asset class.

Professor Israelsen, who also researches mutual funds and the design of investment portfolios, argues that

over a contiguous 42-year period from 1970 to 2011, REITs had a return of rough 11.5 percent. Large cap U.S. equities were somewhere around the 10 percent range. The argument for REITs as an investment is that it typically has a lower correlation to the benchmark asset class. What gets lost in that correlation argument is that REITs on their own generate very impressive returns.

Put Some Salsa in Your Portfolio

Professor Israelsen makes a great point and his suggestion that real estate should be more of a "core" asset component is certainly justified by historical evidence as well as the current economic performance trends. Accordingly, Israelsen advocates equally weighted portfolio allocations determined by a pre-designed core of assets utilized for each investor on an individualized basis. Professor Israelsen explains his diversification theory:

Great salsa is all about diversification. Only by adding diverse ingredients together can we achieve

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