3 Healthcare Stocks With Strong EPS Growth Projections And Analyst Rating Of Strong Buy

by: ZetaKap

Healthcare companies have to be flexible and adaptive to incorporate new research and innovation if they want to remain competitive. To find healthcare stocks that are on the cutting edge, we looked specifically for those with impressive EPS growth projections. Our short list of healthcare stocks includes those that are slated for rapid growth in the next year. In addition, they have all received a recent 'Strong Buy' rating from industry analysts. We think you will find our list rather intriguing.

EPS growth (earnings per share growth) illustrates the growth of earnings per share over time. The 1-Year Expected EPS Growth Rate is an annual growth estimate, where the growth projections are made by analysts, the company or other credible sources.

We first looked for healthcare stocks. We then looked for companies that have high future earnings per share growth forecasts(1-year projected EPS Growth Rate>25%). We then screened for businesses that analysts rate as "Strong Buy" (mean recommendation < 2). We did not screen out any market caps.

Do you think these stocks have strong fundamentals? Use our list along with your own analysis.

1) STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ:STAA)

Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
Market Cap: $248.13M
Beta: 1.20

STAAR Surgical Company has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 366.67%, and a Analysts' Rating of 1.30. The short interest was 4.84% as of 08/18/2012. STAAR Surgical Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of implantable lenses for the cataracts and refractive surgery. It offers intraocular lenses (IOL) that include silicone Toric IOL, which is used in cataract surgery to treat preexisting astigmatism; Preloaded Injector, a three-piece silicone or acrylic IOL preloaded into a single-use disposable injector; Aspheric IOLs that provide a clearer image than traditional spherical IOLs; and nanoFLEX IOL, a single-piece collamer aspheric IOL. The company also provides implantable collamer lenses (NYSE:ICL) comprising VISIAN ICL and VISIAN Toric ICL to treat refractive disorders, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

2) Gentium S.p.A (GENT)

Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other
Market Cap: $152.00M
Beta: 2.96

Gentium S.p.A has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 990.90%, and a Analysts' Rating of 1.00. The short interest was 2.42% as of 08/18/2012. Gentium S.p.A., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the research and development of drugs derived from DNA and DNA molecules. It focuses on the development and manufacture of its primary product candidate, defibrotide, an investigational drug based on a mixture of single-stranded and double-stranded DNA extracted from pig intestines.

3) Antares Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:ATRS)

Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Medical Instruments & Supplies
Market Cap: $413.95M
Beta: 0.67

Antares Pharma Inc. has a 1-Year Projected Earnings Per Share Growth Rate of 375.00%, and a Analysts' Rating of 1.00. The short interest was 13.15% as of 08/18/2012. Antares Pharma Inc., a pharmaceutical company, engages in the development and marketing of self-injection pharmaceutical products and technologies, and topical gel-based products. It offers Vision/Tjet reusable needle-free injectors that deliver precise medication doses through high-speed pressurized liquid penetration of the skin without a needle; Vibex disposable pressure assisted auto injector devices that are used for the controlled pressure delivery of drugs into the body utilizing a spring power source; disposable pen injection systems, which are needle-based devices designed to deliver multiple drugs by injection through needles from multi-dose drug cartridges; and Advanced Transdermal Delivery (ATD) Gel System that penetrates the skin to deliver treatments. The company also provides Anturo, an oxybutynin gel product for the treatment of OAB; Elestrin, a transdermal estradiol gel for the treatment of moderate-to-severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause; and Nestragel, a contraceptive formulation product.

*Company profiles were sourced from Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. Financial data was sourced from Finviz.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.