How Video Is Going to Take Over The World

Jun. 23, 2008 4:54 AM ETAKAM, EGIO7 Comments
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Forrester Research lays out a future landscape dominated by video in a new report How Video Will Take Over The World.

Analyst James L. McQuivey, Ph.D, envisages consumers being confronted with “a dozen video platforms per day.”

He asks us to imagine:

  1. waking up to a video alarm clock;
  2. checking satellite weather videos on your mobile phone;
  3. watching traffic videos on your GPS unit while driving in to work;
  4. watching an ad for a Ford Edge (F) on Gas TV while fueling up at a gas station;
  5. streaming MSNBC stock reports from your desktop at work;
  6. seeing a short address from your CEO in a meeting-room photo frame;
  7. watching a promo for American Gladiators in the back of a video-enabled taxi on the way to the airport;
  8. hearing Glenn Beck’s take on the elections while waiting at the airport gate;
  9. watching a clip from your daughter’s middle-school debut in Guys and Dolls that your spouse emailed as you board the plane;
  10. indulging in American Idol on the satellite TV on your JetBlue (JBLU) flight;
  11. checking in at your hotel through a video kiosk; and finally
  12. catching Iron Man in HD on the hotel room’s flat-screen TV.

In five years, it will be a rare day in which you don’t experience this many different video platforms.

What McQuivey calls OmniVideo “is about to explode, driving up total video viewing time from 4 hours per day to 5 hours by 2013.”


“Once video becomes this easy to produce, deliver, store, and share, every agent in society will not only want to participate but will have to participate in order to have a shot at reaching people with its products and services.”

In his view that means:

  • Consolidation and collaboration will increase even faster than before. But the pick-a-winner approach to

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