Expecting a Lift for Pediatrix: Cramer's Mad Money (7/3/08)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Wednesday July 3.

Baby Talk: Pediatrix (PDX)

Although Medicare is associated with the elderly rather than babies, Pediatrix will benefit from the new Medicare Bill because the 1.1% rate increase for doctors will also set Pediatrix’s rate. Pediatrix has the largest number of neonatal specialists in the country and manages 22% of all neonatal intensive-care units. Unfortunately, many more babies are admitted such units than in the past and the number is expected grow as women give birth at later ages. The Street has not been kind to PDX, and the stock has dropped from $70 to $48.49 on concerns the failing economy might affect the birth rate. However, Cramer predicts the company will grow 13% and given Pediatrix’s multiple at 17 times price to earnings, the stock could be worth $62.

In the Pipeline: Spectra Energy (NYSE:SE)

Cramer predicts there might be some trouble ahead for natural gas, and for those who don’t want to take the pain, he suggests selling now and buying back at lower levels. However, one natural gas stock which may not be hit as hard is Spectra, which transmits natural gas and has 18,000 miles of tubing from the southern U.S. to British Columbia. Spectra has $3 billion worth of potential projects, a $600 million buyback and 3.5% dividend yield. Cramer thinks the stock is worth $32.84, or 17% higher than where it is now.

Redeemed from Wall of Shame: James Keyes CEO Blockbuster (BBI) with Circuit City (NYSE:CC), Yahoo (YHOO)

Cramer redeemed Blockbuster CEO James Keyes from his CEO Wall of Shame after Keyes withdrew his bid for Circuit City. BBI jumped on the news, and Cramer thinks the stock will continue to go higher. Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s CEO was elevated on Cramer’s Wall of Shame because of his rejection of a lucrative takeover bid from Microsoft. “He really, really has hurt you,” Cramer said of Yang, “if you own Yahoo! stock. That guy is truly shameful.”

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