Dave & Busters File for IPO - In This Market!

by: The Stalwart

A shocking IPO candidate in this market... Dave & Busters, the Chuck-E-Cheese's (CEC) for adults, whose locations can be found in subprime-sprawlville everywhere across America, has filed for a $170 million IPO. I suspect the company is particularly exposed to the weak economy, since it caters to a lot of mid-manager types who will be the first to get laid off when that starts to pick up.

I'm at a Whole Foods (WFMI) right now, so don't have much time at the moment to pore through the S-1. If you do, let me know what you find. Happy hunting. If you don't. I'll go through it later.

Oh, and it plans to trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker "DANB."