4 Exceptional Stocks Defying the Downturn

by: Stockerati

Is this the right time to invest in stocks? Well, it depends on who you listen to and what the psychological make-up of the investor in you is.

Contrarian investors believe in buying low—if that’s your make-up, then you’ll be all over the stock market right now. However, in doing so, you are betting on the economy following a cyclical pattern.

I’m one such investor. There are always rules that govern the dynamics of society; even chaos has order. If that’s the case. then shouldn’t all stocks go down or grow conservatively when the market’s down? Shouldn’t events that create pandemonium and panic such as the current energy crisis and politics govern all sectors of stock markets as well? Shouldn’t small caps be down when investors are shying away from well-established and proven blue-chips with guaranteed revenue streams?

There are always rules and there are some exceptions. Here’s my list of exceptional stocks that defy the rules and are beating the downturn in Wall Street. They are:

  1. Advance Battery Technology (OTCPK:ABAT)
  2. AZZ Incorporated (NYSE:AZZ)
  3. Comstock resources (NYSE:CRK)
  4. Somanetics Corporation (SMTS-OLD)

I like these companies for the following reasons:

  • 3-year Revenue Growth Rate   >   20 %
  • Return On Equity   > 10 %
  • YTD Return   >  Sector average
  • 1-year Return  >  S&P 500
  • 5-year Return   >   Sector average
  • 1-month Return  >   20 %
  • 3-month Return   >   20 %

Their fantastic performance numbers in recent times (and especially in the past year) below shows why they are worth a deeper analysis. Their numbers over 5 years indicate there’s not much to worry about either.

Click to enlarge


I’ll cover them more comprehensively and share my analysis with you in the next few posts. More later!