Hollywood Media launches beta of eGuide

Includes: AMZN, HOLL
by: David Jackson

Hollywood Media has launched a beta version of eGuide, a search service for local events. The site allows you to search for movie times and tickets, TV programs, and local events.

Local events are categorized into arts, kids, music, nightlife,
"special" and sports, and you can set the radius from your zip code as
a search parameter.

This is a clean, focused, and functional site. It's quite a contrast to Hollyood.com, Hollywood Media's movie-related site, which is cluttered and confusing compared to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com), which is owned by Amazon.

Hollywood Media stated in its last conference call that it intends
to generate revenue from eGuide by selling contextual ads and accepting
sponsorships. Contextual ads for local listings will become more
profitable as the local advertising market develops. Hollywood Media
also said that eGuide cost hardly anything to launch, since Hollywood
Media already owns and operates the events databases behind the site.
(It syndicates information to other web sites and newspapers.)

One year chart of HOLL below.

Full disclosure: At the time of writing I'm long HOLL.