Conference Call Highlights: Alcatel / Lucent on China (LU, ALA)

Includes: ALA, LU
by: SA Editors

From the Alcatel (ticker: ALA) / Lucent (ticker: LU) merger announcement conference call:

Patricia Russo - Lucent - President, CEO

Moving on, I talked about the strong position that the combined companies will have in mobility. We will be a leader in terms of innovation, expertise, deployment services, network migration as well as pure volume.

Lucent, as you may know, is the global leader in 3G CDMA with a 48% global market share and strong relations around the world. Alcatel is very well-positioned for 3G UMTS migration, a strong presence with its GSM base, and in a number of growing markets around the world.

So both companies will have strong positions and large footprints in 2G and 3G networks, and we look forward to leveraging those as third-generation technologies take hold around the world.

Additionally, both companies would be very well positioned for 3G services in China, including relationships with China Unicom and China Mobile, and we are both working with carriers in China as they prefer for the 3G licenses and implementation of those technologies.