4 Tech Stocks With Low P/E Ratios: AOL, Seagate, Dell, Western Digital

Includes: AOL, DELL, STX, WDC
by: StockRiters

Here are four tech stocks I like today. The market is looking very weak right now, with the NASDAQ trading down by half a percent and major stocks trading in the red. However, I like these companies because their stocks have low P/E ratios, and also because the companies are on a strong upward trajectory.

P/E ratio is a good way to compare stocks when used with other tools. It also offers a fair idea about the time you would need to recover your investment. These stocks have lately been battered due to a variety of reasons, but now are looking good with their strong capital base and solid future plans:

AOL Inc. (NYSE:AOL): Once a leader in the internet industry, AOL Inc. has lost much of its sheen, but with a P/E ratio of 3.15, the stock is still a good buy. The stock is currently trading at $33.40, up 0.06 percent from its previous close of $33.38. It has traded in the range of $11.07 and $34.51 in the past 52 weeks and thus shows resilience. AOL Inc. stock has had about 100 percent appreciation in the short time span of time.

The company recently sold a major cache of patents to Microsoft and is looking to restructure its business and diversify. AOL Inc. is likely to concentrate on its advertising business, since that is its biggest cash cow currently. It also reported positive quarterly results, consistently beating street estimates. The company's current EPS is at $10.11 and its stock is trading at the beta of 0.89.

Seagate Technology Plc. (NASDAQ:STX): The company recently bought back 45 million of its shares for a total outlay of $1.25 billion, which roughly translates to a valuation of $27.77 per share. The stock has gained about 10 percent since then and is currently trading at $30.45, down 0.52 percent from its previous close of $30.60. Though the stock has been recently downgraded to 'Hold' by Needham, it presents a good opportunity for investment with its attractive P/E ratio of 4.74.

Seagate Technology stock has beta of 2.38 and its earnings per share stands at $6.45. The company almost doubled its revenue for the second quarter of the year at $4.5 billion, up from $2.9 billion it had reported for the corresponding quarter last year. It also generated $1.4 billion in cash during the quarter and reported its gross margin at healthy 33.6 percent. Seagate Technology has market capitalization of over $12 billion.

Dell Inc. (DELL): Dell Inc. is trading at the Price Earnings ratio of 6.30 and has earnings of $1.69 per share to back it up. The computer company seems to be a little under the weather, but its long term prospects are still solid.

In the short term, the stock is likely to be affected by the negative outlook provided by Intel, which has cast a shadow over the future of this sector. The company itself has warned the market about slow demand. Dell has also been trying to break into the tablet market (remember the Streak?), but has failed to make any dent yet. However, the company is looking to diversify its business and recently bought Quest Software for a cool $2.4 billion. The purchase is likely to help Dell solidify its position in the enterprise software segment.

Dell is also making big cuts in its costs to protect its margins. Dell currently has a market capitalization of over $18 billion and its beta stands at 1.40. The stock is currently trading at $10.66, up 0.23 percent from its last close of $10.64.

Western Digital Corp. (NYSE:WDC): Lately, the company had been busy choosing its successor for the current CEO John Coyne. From January 2013 it will be operating under the leadership of Steve Milligan. Western Digital stock is currently trading at the price of $41.83. It is trading 0.02 percent down in the current trading session.

The company stock suffered a lot last year as its production was hit due to floods in Thailand. However, the stock and the company itself have made a remarkable recovery. The stock has a Price Earnings ratio of 6.49 and its beta is 1.42. It also made forays into the software application market. Its other upside is related to its strong cache of patents. Western Digital has about 6,000 patents in its portfolio. The stock has been given a "buy" rating by equity research firm Needham. It also does not have any Sell rating given by any prominent analyst. Overall, at the current price level, the stock presents a good investment point.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.