AT&T Comments on Apple's 3G iPhone

Includes: AAPL, T
by: David Jackson

A quick tidbit for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) watchers -- here are the key metions of the iPhone from AT&T's (NYSE:T) conference call:

The third part of our data strategy is to drive adoption and usage growth through breakthrough devices, the most notable being the iPhone 3G, which was launched just 12 days ago. We’ve had a great success with a number of exclusives in recent years and we are thrilled with the initial customer response to the latest iPhone. The response and the store traffic have been tremendous. Sales so far are nearly double what we achieved in the first days of the 2G iPhone launch last year. And in the first 12 days, approximately 40% of iPhone 3G sales had been to customers that are new to AT&T.

Offsetting these positive factors in the second quarter were strong growth add flow share and the fact that more of our subscribers are opting for advanced, higher cost devices. We had a very good wireless margin quarter and while the 3G iPhone will have an impact on margins going forward, we remain comfortable with our outlook for a full year wireless service EBITDA margin in the 39% to 40% range.

We continued to expect strong growth in wireless and we expect to see some of that growth certainly strengthened by and supported by the iPhone launch.

The quotes are taken from the full AT&T transcript. For something more interesting, try searching for "iPhone" in the search box top right of this page, and filtering the results by "Transcripts", and you'll see every company that has mentioned the iPhone on its conference call -- Apple, its competitors, suppliers and partners.