Why Global 2000 Companies Prefer AMD (AMD)

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A recent survey of more than 1100 IT decision-makers showing that a majority of enterprise customers face challenges related to power consumption and cooling in their datacenters. The survey, co-sponsored by Ziff-Davis, identifies the pain-points and priorities for companies that are working to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs in their datacenters as global energy costs rise.

The survey showed:

• 70% of organizations track power consumption and cooling issues closely

• Among this group, 44 percent have had to continually increase the amount of power supplied to the datacenter.

These survey findings highlight the fact that datacenter managers see maximizing performance while minimizing power consumption and heat load as valid, vital concerns for IT management as well as general business management.

Why Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD)?

• AMD's focus on energy efficiency can be seen in its products such as the AMD Opteron processor, which enables customers to maintain superior performance in parallel with exceptional efficiency. In fact, the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor delivers almost a 100 percent power consumption advantage over competitive alternatives. This kind of advantage allows customers to achieve greater rack density, resulting in lower utility costs without expensive retro-fitting of higher-capacity cooling systems.

• AMD's commitment to energy efficiency extends from its leadership in product design to the facilities it builds. Both of AMD's wafer fabrication facilities, Fab 30 and Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany, are powered by dedicated highly efficient cogeneration plants. In addition, AMD has committed its future Austin campus to 100 percent GreenChoice power, supporting the development of alternative energy sources.

• "With the rising costs of oil, the issue of energy efficiency has never been more important and AMD is leading the way toward efficient energy usage at the platform level," said Marty Seyer, senior vice president and general manager for Commercial and Performance Computing at AMD.

• Today, 90 percent of the top 100 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies or their subsidiaries rely on AMD Opteron processor-based systems. Single- and Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors deliver the highest performance and performance-per-watt in the x86 market because they are built on AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture, innovated to reduce bottlenecks inherent in traditional front-side bus architectures and enable a more efficient approach to computing.

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