Pool Alarms? Yup, From Microcap George Risk Industries (RISKA)

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Microcap George Risk Industries (OTC: RISKA) manufactures magnetic reed contacts and other burglar alarm components, keyboards for the FAA, and OEM products for the security/monitoring industry. At the time of writing the company has a market cap of under $45 million. Excerpt from The Wall Street Transcript's 4/3/06 interview with CEO Kenneth Risk:

Mr. Risk: We have a device that is called the 'Pool Alarm' which works similar to a smoke detector. Florida is probably one of our largest markets for the Pool Alarm because the entire state has an ordinance that requires this type of device. It's basically what we call a stand- alone device. It sits next to the access doorway to the pool area and it would be set about 56 inches above the floor. Anyone trying to get through the door without disengaging the alarm would activate the sounder and it would sound an alarm and alert the adult that maybe a small toddler or child had gone out into the pool area. It's not a device that goes into the pool; it's a device that goes on the door and alerts the adults or the guardian that a child has gone through the door before he or she gets into the pool.

TWST: How safe do you feel you can make the private home?

Mr. Risk: There are a lot of different types of devices in the marketplace, but as I was explaining about the Pool Alarm, our devices are made to work on the outer perimeter of the home. Our products detect the burglar or intruder before he gets through the door. If we can keep the threat outside the perimeter we can make a home as secure as you can imagine.