Nobody Cares How the Energy Crisis Gets Solved

Includes: FAN, NLR, PBW, UNG, USO, XLE
by: Paul Killinger

Most Americans don't think much about our present energy crisis, we just want it to end.

We couldn't care less if:

1. Successive Presidents issued executive orders to continue a moratorium on oil and gas exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf [OCS] when oil was plentiful and cheap.

2. How many Congresses followed up with their own annual bans accomplishing the same thing.

3. How much present acreage on public lands above or underwater oil companies already have leased.

4. How much money American oil companies make, as long as they spend it exploring and producing American oil and gas.

5. How long it will take oil from the OCS and ANWR to get here, so long as the government stands out of the way and it's quick.

6. How much money it will take to develop the oil shale deposits in the Rocky Mountains, just spend it.

7. Whether our cars run on gasoline or CNG or electricity, just do it now.

8. How many nuclear reactors, wind farms or solar panels we need to ensure a reliable electric supply, just build them all.

9. How we use coal, as long as reasonable efforts are taken to minimize its adverse effects.

10. How Items #1-9 are accomplished, so long as our government drops whatever else it's doing and allows it all to start today!

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