Financial Times Profiles GM's Money Man (GM)

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Without even trying, you see press articles on the likes of Rick Wagoner, Bob Lutz and Jerry York. But I can't remember reading good profile piece on Fritz Henderson, who was named Vice Chairman and CFO of General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) three months ago.

That's why this article by James Mackintosh in the Financial Times is such a treat:

Stopping GM running out of money will not be easy. It faces the threat of a strike at Delphi, its former parts arm and biggest supplier, now in bankruptcy protection, which has the power to bring GM to its knees. A Delphi strike would halt production at all GM’s North American factories, a move Merrill Lynch estimates would cost GM $8bn in the first 60 days.

The carmaker has tried to stockpile components but Mr Henderson admits Delphi is the “single biggest overhang over our company