Raw Data Report: Cheesecake Factory, Cosi, and Olive Garden

Includes: CAKE, COSI, DRI
by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

Wait Times Increase This Month at Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ:CAKE)

Tickermine interviewed employees of twenty-six Cheesecake Factory restaurants and found that the average wait time for a party of two is between 15 and 25 minutes at 38% of the restaurants polled. Customers wait 30 minutes at 35% of the restaurants and will wait less than 10 minutes at 23% of the restaurants surveyed.

Eleven (42%) restaurants reported that the average check size for a party of two is between $40 and $50. Five (19%) restaurants reported the average check size over $50. Employees at twenty (76%) restaurants reported that customers order cheesecake at least 50% of the time. When asked whether the restaurant was busier this month compared to last, fourteen (54%) said yes.

Cosi (NASDAQ:COSI) Business Steady

In a recent survey of Cosi restaurants, just 18% reported business is down vs. last year, compared with 37% in the May survey. Another 55% of respondents reported that business is the same as last year. 50% stated that the average tab for a party of two is less than $25. 68% feel that customers choose Cosi because of a specific menu item. The most popular menu item is the flatbread pizza (23% of mentions).

Take-Out Orders Are Up vs. Last Year, Say 43% of Olive Gardens (NYSE:DRI)

Grilled garlic shrimp pasta, lasagna classico, and chicken parmigiana are all tied for most popular entree at the Olive Garden, according to TickerMine's recent poll. Forty-three percent of responding restaurants said they are seeing more to-go orders than this time last year, suggesting that customers may be trying to save money by ordering carry-out rather than dining at the restaurant. The average tab for a party of two was evenly split between $25 to $35 and $36 to $45 (49% each). Only two percent of Olive Gardens polled said the typical bill for two people exceeds $65. All restaurants surveyed had been in business for at least a year.