Cramer's Mad Money - The Biggest One Day Gain I've Ever Seen (10/3/12)

Includes: AIG, RPM, SRPT, VFC
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday October 3.

CEO Interview: Chris Garabedian, Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ:SRPT)

A stock that Cramer recommended as a speculative stock on Lightning Round two weeks ago shot up to the stratosphere on Wednesday, rising 200% in a single session. When Cramer got behind it, Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) was a $14 stock, and now it has climbed into the $40s. He urged investors not to chase the stock up at these levels, but SRPT is an example of why investors should devote a small portion of their portfolios to speculative stocks. Cramer confessed that, in his 30 years of trading, SRPT has had the biggest one day gain he's ever seen.

Sarepta has the only treatment for a very rare genetic and degenerative disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The patients usually end up in wheelchairs by their early teens, and the disease is fatal. Only 8,000 people have this disease in the U.S., and the treatment can be used on only 13% of the patients. This makes Sarepta an orphan drug story, and the company is able to charge a substantial amount for the treatment. Before going into the Phase II study, the consensus was that, at best, the treatment could slow the degeneration, but several patients actually showed dramatic improvement. While skeptics point out that only 12 patients were tested, and it was only a Phase II trial, CEO Chris Garabedian pointed out that 12 is not such a small number for such trials for a rare disease.

Two patients actually saw their condition worsen, but it was shown that they were in a late phase of the illness and the process of decline had already accelerated before taking the drug. This indicates that the treatment is probably most effective for those in the early phases of the disease. Much of Sarepta's upside was due to the fact that many drugs for genetic diseases have failed in the past, while Sarepta's treatment was more successful than expected. When asked about a potential partnership, Garabedian said it is something the company may consider, but he doesn't feel the company needs a partner to see more upside.

8 Point Plan to Send Stocks Higher. Stocks discussed: RPM (NYSE:RPM), AIG (NYSE:AIG)

Cramer outlined an 8 point plan that would create a bull market.

1. No tax increases on dividend stocks. This tax penalizes those who are investing for retirement. Instead, Cramer would raise the capital gains tax to discourage easy selling.

2. Combat corrupt or destructive Wall Street practices.

3. Require that all large vehicles run on natural gas, which is a cleaner, cheaper, plentiful fuel that would limit the U.S. dependance on OPEC. Also, natural gas would eliminate the need for ethanol, which raises food prices with the use of corn for fuel.

4. Issue $500 billion worth of 30 year bonds.

5. Put a tariff on goods from countries that pollute. This will keep jobs from going overseas to countries that have lenient regulations concerning the environment.

6. Schools should have courses on money and financial planning to increase financial literacy and encourage investment.

7. Appoint a Competitiveness Czar to come up with strategies on how to make businesses more competitive.

8. Keep Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman.

Cramer took some calls:

RPM (RPM) was a stock that Cramer was going to recommend, but he felt the upside was too limited. He admits he should have recommended it lower.

AIG (AIG) is "the most undervalued stock in my charitable trust portfolio."

CEO Interview: Eric Wiseman, VFCorp (NYSE:VFC)

With winter coming, VFCorp may see significant upside, especially since many of their brands are associated with cold weather. The stock has risen 26% so far this year, and the company recently had a successful conference in Asia, where it announced it was growing its international segment from 34% of the company to 45% by 2017. VFC's purchase of Timberland has been successful, and the brand is gaining in popularity. VFC has risen 55% since Cramer got behind it in 2011. European sales have been strong, especially with the North Face brand, and CEO Eric Wiseman says he expects sales in Europe to stay in the double digits. The company is benefiting from dramatically lower cotton prices; last year cotton prices were so high, that VFC saw gross margin decline of 400 points. Both raw costs and currency issues should be a tailwind for the company. Cramer is bullish on VFC.


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