The Airlines' Revenue Scramble Gets Silly

by: Aaron Katsman

It’s no secret that the airline industry has issues. Soaring fuel costs, have left airlines scrambling for ways to increase revenues. Instead of just raising fares and cutting capacity, airlines have decided to nickel and dime travelers to death. Just yesterday the Israeli El Al airlines decided to start charging travelers more for seats in an emergency row. This follows other airlines charging for pillows, food, luggage…etc.

Customers are getting fed up with an ever expanding list of fees. In an age where most industries have made their fee structures much more simple, the airlines have decide to drive us crazy. ” Sir, you’d like ice with your beverage? That’ll be 3 bucks.” Or “Miss, I am sorry but since your shoes have high heels, that’ll be $2.”

You know, if airlines really wanted to be fair about each individual's contribution to the amount of fuel used per flight, and then charge accordingly, they could use the supermarket method. When we go shopping, for many items, we pay per pound. Fruits, vegetables, ground beef all priced according to weight. Why don’t the airlines follow suit? Why should someone who is thin pay the same amount as someone with a bit more girth? After all, our weight-challenged traveler causes more fuel to be used than our thin traveler.

Stop the madness. Just raise fares. It’s that simple.

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