Wednesday Pre-market Notes By Stock Ticker

by: Jon Ogg

Via News Contrast:

S&P Fair Value +$0.05.

(NASDAQ:AATI) Advanced Analogic Technologies issued an internal earning warning.
(NYSE:ABT) Abbott Labs $0.57 EPS vs $0.58e; sees Q2 $0.59-0.61 EPS vs $0.60e; sees 2006 EPS $2.51-2.57 vs $2.53e.
(ADRX) Andrx will respond to an FDA observation from a March 2006 inspection of its Davie, Florida facility.
(NYSE:ALL) Allstate $2.01 EPS vs $1.63e; sees guidance at or above higher-end of range for the year.
(NASDAQ:AMGN) Amgen $0.91 EPS vs $0.89e; R$3.22B vs $3.34B(e); sees 2006 EPS $3.60-3.70 vs $3.62e; stock traded down 1%.
(NYSE:APA) Apache is buying Gulf of Mexico assets from BP for some $1.3B.
(ASD) American Standard $0.43 EPS vs $0.40e.
(AZR) Aztar is close to accepting the Pinnacle deal for $43 per share, despite a higher off (was concerned they couldn’t raise the money).
(NYSE:BLK) Blackrock $1.23 EPS vs $1.12e.
(BOT) CBOT $0.66 EPS vs $0.61e.
(BPA) BioSante Pharma announced FDA filing and review of Bio-E-Gell NDA for hot flashes.
(NYSE:CIT) CIT Group $1.12 EPS vs $1.12e.
(NYSE:CMA) Comerica $1.23 EPS vs $1.16e.
(NASDAQ:CTHR) Charles & Colvard $0.08 EPS vs $0.07e, but it had previously warned.
(CVTX) CV Therapeutics filed to sell $200M in common stock.
(NASDAQ:CYMI) Cymer $0.52/R$127.1M vs $0.42/$120.5M(e); guides R$ +5 to +10% higher than Q1.
(NASDAQ:EBAY) eBay is noted as a bargain according to WSJ article.
(NASDAQ:ECOL) American Ecology $0.23/R$21.5M vs $0.15/$17M(e).
(NYSE:ETR) Entergy $0.88 EPS vs $0.84e.
(NASDAQ:FCFS) Fisrtcash Financial $0.23 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NYSE:GD) General Dynamics $0.94 EPS vs $0.84e.
(NYSE:GFIG) GFI Group registered 2.95M shares for selling holders.
(NASDAQ:GILD) Gilead beat earnings but said it would sell $1.1B in convertible notes and would use $500M for share buybacks.
(NASDAQ:GNVC) GenVec Registers To Sell Up To 13.25M Shares For Holders.
(NASDAQ:GOOG) Google will be expanding search capabilities inside of intranets and networks for corporate workers.
(GRP) Grant Prideco $0.69 EPS vs $0.58e; not sure if gains in number.
(NASDAQ:HBAN) Huntington Bancshares $0.45 EPS vs $0.44e.
(HBX) Hana Bio registered to sell $75M in common stock.
(NYSE:HON) Honeywell $0.52 EPS vs $0.49e.
(NYSE:IBM) IBM $1.08 EPS vs $1.05e; R$20.66B vs $20.63B(e); stock up 1% after earnings report.
(NASDAQ:ICUI) ICU Medical $0.41 EPS vs $0.33e; recent IPO so estimates may be off.
(NASDAQ:ICLR) Icon Plc filed to sell 2.6M ADR shares, 1.5M of which are from holders.
(NASDAQ:ILMN) Illumina $0.07/R$29+M vs $0.091/$23+M(e); guides higher; stock up over 10%.
(NASDAQ:INTC) Intel noted negatively ahead of earnings in WSJ on AMD competition.
(NYSE:JCI) Johnson Controls $0.82 EPS vs $0.78e.
(NYSE:JPM) JPMorgan $0.86 EPS vs $0.83e.
(NYSE:KO) Coca Cola $0.49 EPS vs $0.48e.
(LCBM) Lifecore Bio $0.18/R$16.8M vs $0.13/$15.55M(e).
(LCRY) Lecroy $0.24 EPS vs $0.22e.
(NASDAQ:LLTC) Linear Tech $0.35 EPS vs $0.35e; R$278.9M vs $280M(e).
(NASDAQ:LUFK) Lufkin Industries $1.01 EPS vs $0.92e.
(MOT) Motorola $0.29/R$10.01B vs $0.29/$9.6B(e); guides EPS $0.30-0.32 vs $0.31e but says revenues will be $ vs $10B(e).
(Pending:NITE) Knight Trading $0.52/R$276.5M vs $0.29/$194M(e).
(NASDAQ:ONXX) Onyx Pharmaceuticals' CFO Hollings Renton has resigned.
(OTCPK:OSCI) Oscient Pharma filed to sell 27+M shares, 18M of which are from the company.
(NYSE:PFE) Pfizer $0.61 EPS vs $0.53e; revenues light; saying Lipitor goals seem difficult to achieve; sees 2006 EPS $2.00 ex-items vs $2.01e.
(NYSE:PJC) Piper Jaffray $0.90 EPS vs $0.66e.
(NYSE:PKG) Packaging Corp $0.09 EPS vs $0.07e.
(NYSE:SON) Sonoco $0.46 EPS vs $0.45e.
(NYSE:STJ) St.Judes $0.39 EPS vs $0.36e.
(NYSE:TER) Teradyne $0.23/R$362.9M vs $0.20/$352M(e); raised Q2 guidance.
(NASDAQ:TRMK) Trustmark $0.l53 EPS vs $0.49e.
(NYSE:TSS) Total Systems $0.26 EPS vs $0.26e.
(NASDAQ:TTWO) Take-Two announced June 9 as release date for PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City at $19.99.
(NYSE:TXN) Texas Instruments $0.33/R$3.33B vs $0.33/3.29B(e); sees Q2 R$3.46B-$3.75B & EPS of $0.38-0.43; stock up 3%.
(NYSE:UTX) United Tech $0.76 EPS vs $0.73e; raised guidance.
(NYSE:VMI) Valmont $0.52 EPS vs $0.35e.
(OTC:VRSO) Verso Tech registered 11.5M shares for selling holders.
(WARR) Warrior Energy hiked its 7M secondary to 8.2M shares on strong demand and priced it at $23.50.
(NYSE:WM) Washington Mutual $0.98 EPS vs $0.90e.
(NYSE:WRE) Washington REIT $0.54 FFO vs $0.52e.
(NYSE:WWW) Wolverine Worldwide $0.34 EPS vs $0.30e.
(XJT) ExpressJet said Continental (NYSE:CAL) co selects Chautauqua Airlines as a regional express carrier and that XJT will return the 69 jets as part of this agreement.
(YHOO) Yahoo! $0.11/R$1.088B vs $0.11/R$1.08B(e); sees 2006 ex-TAX revenues in-line at $4.6B-$4.85B vs $4.76B estimates; stock trading up 6%.


ALL raised to Outperform at Wachovia.
AMGN reitr Neutral at Merrill Lynch; reitr Outperform at Piper Jaffray.
AMKR cut to Hold at Deutsche Bank.
ASO raised to Outperform at FBR.
BRL raised to Overweight at Lehman.
BSX reitr Buy at UBS.
BTU cut to Mkt Perform at Raymond James.
CAI cut to Hold at Stifel Nicklaus.
CAKE raised to Buy at ThinkEquity.
CERN started as Outperform at Bear Stearns.
CNF started as Outperform at Wachovia.
CSX reitr Overweight at JPMorgan.
DJ started as Equal Weight at MSDW.
DTC cut to Underperform at CIBC.
FILE started as Accumulate at FBR.
GOOG Reitr Outperform and $500 tgt at CIBC.
GOL raised to Buy at UBS.
GR raised to Buy at B of A.
HIG raised to Buy at Merrill Lynch.
HYTM reitr Buy at UBS.
IBM reitr Buy at Deutsche Bank; reitr Outperform at Thomas Weisel.
INTC cautious ahead of earnings at RBC.
IDIX reitr Underperform at Piper Jaffray.
JBHT & KNX started as Outperform at Wachovia.
JNPR reitr Buy at Deutsche Bank.
KMX started as Equal Weight at Lehman.
KNXA started as Strong Buy at Brean Murray.
LFC cut to Sell at Deutsche Bank.
MAN raised to Outperform at Wachovia.
MAR Reitr Buy at Citigroup.
MAT raised to Neutral at Oppenheimer.
MYL cut to Equal Weight at Lehman.
NSR started as Outperform at Baird.
OSI reitr Overweight at MSDW.
PALM started as Mkt Perform at Piper Jaffray.
PNRA started as Outperform at William Blair.
QSC started as Buy at ThinkEquity.
RJET raised to Buy at Raymond James.
SCMR raised to Peer Perform at Thomas Weisel.
SI raised to Outperform at CSFB.
TAM started as Buy at Merrill Lynch.
TKG cut to Underweight at MSDW.
TRAD started as Buy at Oppenheimer.
TXN reitr overweight at Prudential; reitr Buy and raised tgt to $42 at UBS.
TXU reitr Buy at Merrill Lynch.
UTI cut to Equal Weight at Lehman.
WEBX started as Strong Buy at Brean Murray.
WERN & YRCW started as Mkt Perform at Wachovia.
XJT cut to Sell at Merrill Lynch.
XPRSA started as Mkt Perform at Wachovia.
YHOO Reitr Buy at Deutsche Bank; reitr Overweight at Prudential; reitr Neutral at Oppenheimer.


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