Raw Data Report: Harley Davidson, BMW, Daimler

Includes: DDAIF, HOG
by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

75% of Harley (NYSE:HOG) Stores Report a Spike in Sales this Past Month

Harley Davidson was surveyed this week. We asked 28 respondents at various stores around the country which motorcycle sells best, are they sold out of any models, how is business compared with last year, and have they seen a spike in sales in recent months.

32% reported that the Sportster was the bestselling motorcycle. 14% said it was the Dyna and 11% said it was the Road King. While 82% said they weren't sold out of any models, 18% said they were. Also, promising was that 64% reported that business was up from a year ago. 18% said business was just the same and the same ratios said it had dropped. Also surprising was that 75% said sales had jumped in the past month. Only 25% said they had slumped.

The 128i Convertible Doesn't Sell Great at BMW Dealerships

In the wake of BMW's recall of vehicles for an airbag problem, Tickermine polled 29 dealerships across the US and asked which BMW model sells best, does your dealership offer specials on trucks or SUVs, are you offering specials on satellite radios and has there been a spike in sales this past month. 41% of those interviewed said the 3 Series sold best. 14% cited the 1 Series, 10% mentioned the BMW Z4 and 7% cited the 128i convertible. 62% of those polled reported selling no SUV or truck deals, while 38% offered some. 76% were offering deals on satellite radio, 24% were not and 52% reported a spike in sales this past month while 48% did not.

74% of Daimler AG (DAI) Dealers Say Sales are Down this Month

Daimler AG was profiled last week soon after the company launched its Daimler Smart Car for the eco-conscious consumer. Tickermine researchers approached 23 dealerships across the country and asked what is the best-selling vehicle right now, are you offering good deals on SUVs or free satellite radio, and are sales up this month.

We found that the C-Class was selling best according to 61% of those interviewed. 22% cited the SL Class as the best seller. 70% of those interviewed said they were offering no SUV deals, in spite of the outrageous gas prices. Only 30% said they were. But 65% reportedly were offering free satellite radio to customers, while only 35% were not. But a resounding 74% said sales were flatter this month, compared with previous months. Only 26% said sales were up.