Conference Call Highlights: CNET on China (CNET)

| About: ChinaNet Online (CNET)
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From CNET's (NASDAQ:CNET) Q1 2006 earnings conference call:

Shelby Bonnie - CEO

Our international business continues to scale and grow, particularly in markets like China and the UK.

In addition, our online properties in China continue to show strong momentum with user and usage trends at Zol and PCHome continuing to scale, albeit off a small base. We’re seeing strong growth at these properties.

Neil Ashe - EVP

In addition to that and probably most notably, we continue to transform our Chinese operations which are attractive and growing from almost entirely a print-based operation to an online operation. As we start to discontinue product lines, and in some cases, even properties, that make the comparables very different. But the net output is that we end up with a very attractive higher growth online asset like we have and like we’re the process of doing in China.